How to Find The Best Software For Medical Billing.

What to consider for your Medical Billing Software Needs:

Keeping track of everything that goes on in a doctor’s office can be quite a challenge.  If you’re the person in charge of the medical billing, you know that you are responsible for the heart and soul of the money flow at your practice.  You need to find the best medical billing software for you and your specific needs.

softwareformedicalbillingWhat to consider in your software:

  1. Price:  Whether you are a freelancer or you work in the billing department in a doctor’s office, you are going to have a budget for your software.  But don’t let that be the only deciding factor when you’re looking at your options.

You aren’t going to find the best program at the lowest price...

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How to change a chart number in Medisoft Medical Billing Software

Medisoft medical billing software is a popular medical practice management software program used by thousands of physician medical offices nationwide.  One of the frustrating events that happen when using the Medisoft Software program is that when a patient gets married or divorced or for some other reason has a name change, the “Chart number” in medisoft still reflects the spelling of the “old name”.  This can be challenging when you are trying to lookup a patient and are using their new name, but can’t seem to find them in the database.

The solution is a utility Medisoft designed in their “PowerTools” or “MedUtils”  utility program...

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Software for Medical Billing

Software for Medical Billing :

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